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What’s new in the world of IoT and beyond?

Our colleague João Gameiro participated in the IoT World Congress event in Barcelona on invitation with Siemens and Mendix, and this is the summary of what he saw:
“The future of industry is ours to build.”

With this motto in mind the IOTSWC22 has come to an end. We see emerging technologies disrupting industries and technological innovation rapidly changing our world. Roles and responsibilities are evolving, requiring us to work in new, more collaborative, and agile ways. Overall, this event has given us the perfect opportunity to see what our peers, partners and friends are accomplishing along these lines of thought and how they are leveraging digital transformation.

From monitoring a cow’s behaviour to building digital structures, this event closely followed concepts such as IoT where with each day we see smarter cars, houses and even cities that can constantly communicate between each other. Digital Twins which give us the possibility of simulating behaviour of physical assets even before making any decisions regarding new construction or changes. There’s also an increasing concern on cyber-security, where there must also be continuous research and investment to keep all these processes safe.

Despite automation and increasing data transfers, it’s clear that people remain an essential part of this entire ecosystem. Their roles will change, but apart from being a crucial part in building these complex systems, people will also remain responsible for analysing the results of AI processing and ultimately decide the best course of action following the provided recommendations.

With all this evolution we see an emerging wave of opportunities and as we enter the low code world, we are equipped with the resources to support this rapid growth. We can build faster, provide more accessible development that enables non-techies to work in tech, improve software engagement, and ensure low-risk, high-return app operations.

Finally, the key-word in the event was sustainability; how companies pay more and more attention to their environmental footprint while maintaining their economic growth. In today’s world, people are not only digitally native but also ecologically native.

Our niche is the world’s constant changes, yet what remains constant is our commitment to always evolve with it and deliver the best solutions for our customers. The extent at which this improves our lives, and the lives of others makes us at S4Digital eager to continue growing and uncover new innovative solutions.

Disclaimer: All images presented are AI-generated and any similarities to real places or people are purely coincidental. These visuals are for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered accurate representations.