Building a Successful Digital Marketplace for CSPs with Beyond Now

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, businesses are urged to adopt advanced technologies and solutions that are simple to buy, fast to integrate, and easy to consume. Tailored to their needs, these solutions should also focus on specific outcomes. This need for such a unique mix of requirements has led service providers to create marketplaces that gather technology and vertical players, fostering a collaborative partner ecosystem. These ecosystems then co-create innovative solutions for businesses and organizations. Beyond NOW digital business platform, enables service providers to address these requirements quickly and effectively and is the only Type-2 Marketplace recognized by TMForum. It enables end-to-end automation from order entry to customer and partner billing, making it a compelling option for frictionless trading in complex multi-stakeholder environments. The platform caters to both enterprise and B2B2x environments out of the box, providing a robust foundation for businesses to adapt to changing market demands. And more importantly, it may overlay your existing IT architecture to generate new revenue streams in a very short timeframe.

Consider the application of IoT and edge computing solutions within the agricultural sector. The Farmer, in search of a solution to boost crop yield and smartly manage equipment, in faced with multiple technologies, requirements and players, with mutual dependencies to resolve. A perfect solution may come from his TELCO Operator who has a framework to build a Smart Agriculture Solution, powered by Beyond Now. This solution offers the Farmer a complete package of asset tracking and soil monitoring devices, including a private LTE 5G network. It can provide a complete view of the fields and ensured secure connectivity between IoT devices and cloud applications. By entering the farmhouse location and defining the borders of the land for monitoring in the interface with a Google Maps API, the Farmer provides implicitly estimates for the number of mobile cells required for coverage. The Farmer then selects the preferred connectivity options, determined the number of GPS tracking devices for machinery, specifying the number of crop monitoring sensors needed. Thanks to Beyond Now’s flexible product catalog, the order configuration and dynamic pricing were automatically calculated, making the ordering process simple for the Farmer. The next he knows, an installer comes on premise to make sure that all is set in place, integrated and ready to operate.

Complexity Seamlessly Managed Behind the Scenes : While the ordering process was streamlined for the Farmer, a considerable amount of complexity was involved behind the scenes. This was seamlessly managed by the Beyond Now digital business platform. The Smart Agriculture package offered by the TELCO Operator comprised various services and devices from different parties. The TELCO Operator supplied the 5G connectivity, SD1, and CPEs. In contrast, AWS provided the IoT core services and the digital twin, and an IoT provider supplied the monitoring app, sensors, and GPS trackers. Using Beyond Now, the TELCO Operator automatically decomposed the full order into sub-orders for own and partner services. All systems involved were tightly integrated using APIs, ensuring seamless collaboration. This allowed the TELCO Operator to monitor the entire order decomposition through the Beyond Now order management console.

Flexible Pricing and Settlement: Pricing was configured for both the overall bundle and individual items and options. However, Beyond Now’s capabilities extend beyond the ordering and fulfilment process. The platform also ensures that AWS and the IoT provider could charge the TELCO Operator for their services according to their separate settlement agreements. This flexible settlement system allows different charging relationships to operate independently of each other, providing financial efficiency and transparency.

Enabling a Marketplace of Smart Solutions: The TELCO Operator’s Smart Agriculture Solution is only one out of a broader marketplace of smart solutions that can be realized and managed using Beyond Now. The platform can enable any TELCO Operator to co-create new solutions with its partner ecosystem, automate the orchestration of complex ordering processes involving multiple partner systems, simplifying the customer experience, and grow revenues.  With B2B2x support, flexibility, rapid deployment, and future-proof design, Beyond Now emerges as a transformative player in the digital marketplace solutions space. Whether for agriculture or any other industry, Beyond Now equips businesses with a seamless, flexible, and cost-effective solution to build in a matter of weeks a successful new revenue stream for CSPs, that can scale and grow.

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Disclaimer: All images presented are AI-generated and any similarities to real places or people are purely coincidental. These visuals are for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered accurate representations.