Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

For more than ten years, S4-Global/S4-DIGITAL has collaborated and engineered solutions to maximize asset value for our customers. This hard work has yielded consistent, long-term success. We continue to gain new customers and expand relationships with existing customers while developing some advanced technological solutions. In some corners of the world and in every corner of our Company, we have repeatedly prevailed over our competition. My deepest pride, however, is that we achieve success responsibly, ethically, and diligently.

The S4-DIGITAL Board of Directors and I are committed to our Company’s core values. We expect that same commitment from you. Integrity, safety, collaboration, competition, creativity, reliability, and respect. These values have defined S4-DIGITAL since the founding of the Company. Our commitment to these ideals must be unwavering. Our vision is to deliver a customer experience second to none, as globally competitive, creative and ethical thoughtleaders.

Our customers know that doing business with us is not just a concept at S4-DIGITAL – it’s something we do every day and is reflected in our Code of Conduct, which applies equally to all employees, directors of the Company, and to all third parties that conduct business on behalf of S4-DIGITAL. You are S4-DIGITAL’s first line of defense against violations of the Code of Conduct. If you see or suspect that unethical behavior has occurred, come forward with your concerns.

Contact the Quality Department.

We pride ourselves on being the execution company. When it comes to ethics and integrity there can be no compromises, no excuses. As with our strategy, there can only be execution. I trust that you will continue to help me deliver client-centered results.

Roger Kool,

Chief Executive Officer

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