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What can modern businesses learn from Eid?

Diligence; it’s what gets things done in the world. Whether it’s climbing a mountain, working on a project, writing a book or saving up for that dream car or house… they all take time, energy, patience and hard work.

A wise man once asked, rhetorically, “How do you eat an elephant? Take one bite at a time!” Of course, no-one is feasting on these majestic animals, but the principle remains the same – a huge, seemingly impossible project, can be accomplished by breaking it down into smaller tasks, and achieving smaller, strategic goals first.

Today, across the world, Muslim communities are celebrating Eid al-Fitr, which literally means “the festival of the end of the fast”. One month ago Ramadan began, and the challenge of 30 days of fasting lay ahead. Today marks the celebration of the accomplishment of this feat.

It’s the same ethos that we use in business – we work, slowly chipping away at a huge project, appreciating the challenge as we go along… and then at the end, celebrating with those who joined us on the journey. So whether you’re managing a team, hiking through wilderness, learning a language or even coming up with environmental solutions for the world of the future, make sure you take some time to celebrate your achievements. You’ve earned it.

Eid Mubarak everyone!

-Tim Blight, Cultural Ambassador at S4Digital.

Disclaimer: All images presented are AI-generated and any similarities to real places or people are purely coincidental. These visuals are for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered accurate representations.